Sifu: Arenas gets a Kung Fu packed launch trailer

The game has also been released for both Steam and Xbox.

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Yesterday was a pretty good day for fans of Kung Fu as Sloclap's breakout hit had good news to offer pretty much everyone. Not only did it get a major free expansion called Arenas, it was also released for both Steam and Xbox, which means it's now available on all major platforms.

Arenas is the fourth big content update for Sifu and this is what you get:

"With 9 new locations and 45 merciless challenges spread over 5 game modes, the Arenas Expansion is packing up to 10 extra hours of gameplay into the already demanding title. Masters of Kung Fu will be pushed to their limits as waves of enemies crash upon them in Survival mode, or pushed to perfection in the Performance mode. With Time Attack, players can also battle against the clock on a path filled with enemies. Sifus looking for a twist on the game's impactful combat can try the new Capture mode - where players must take and hold a marked area - or Manhunt mode, where a specific target surrounded by protectors must be taken down."

We also have a launch trailer for you to check out below.


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