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Rainbow Six: Siege

Siege's Rainbow is Magic event extended until April 15

The April Fools' event has clearly gone down well with fans, who now have more time to enjoy the colourful playlist.

This month Rainbow Six: Siege brought a splash of colour into the mix with the Rainbow is Magic event to celebrate April Fools' day, and it turns out that it's actually pretty popular, meaning it's actually been extended.

The event was originally meant to end yesterday, but the week's extension means we can play the event playlist until April 15, next Monday. "You asked, we listened," as the tweet reads, so we assume this is getting extended by popular demand, which isn't too much of a surprise since it adds something very different to Ubisoft's tactical shooter.

If you want to see the event in action with the special Hostage mode, featuring toy variants of Operators, check out our gameplay video here. Have you been playing?

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