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Shu's prolonged development explained

Striking 2.5D platformer was given more time to fully develop its potential.

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We spoke to Coatsink's Jonathon Wilson at EGX the other month about their recently released side-scrolling 2.5D platformer Shu. The bright and colourful 2.5D platformer has been in development for a while so we found out why.

Design with speedruns in mind and leaderboards are now part of the package, but that wasn't always part of the plan as we asked about the reasons for the long development.

"Originally it wasn't. We experimented with later in development, it was around EGX last year and we trialled it. So we did a time trial tournament based here at EGX last year and we saw it when down really well. We started thinking, this could work for the entire game, introduce leader boards, makes people have a competitive edge on Steam and PSN. That's when we decided to delay the game. That allowed us to really bring up the standards and create something that we're proud of but it also, allowed us to roll out speed running throughout all levels as well."


Shu is available now on PS4, PS Vita and PC. We don't have a review for Shu as of yet but it is in progress.


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