Shuhei Yoshida to receive BIG Conference's Honour Award

The Japanese executive will see his PlayStation career path recognised at the congress in Bilbao.

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The Bilbao International Games Conference will be held in just a week's time as the first edition of the formerly-known-as Fun & Serious Game Festival with the new name and format, and besides learning about some of the speakers and games it'll host, it was about time this year's Honorary Award was unveiled. And the organisers have just announced that it will be none other than Shuhei Yoshida, the Japanese PlayStation veteran.

Yoshida, who is now focused on indie studios publishing on Sony's consoles, became one of the main PlayStation visible figures during the PS4 generation, as he spearheaded the now so-called PlayStation Studios, but had been recognised multiple times for a whole career dedicated to innovation and development at the company, already from the times of the original PSX in the 90s.

BIG's director Antonio Santo will give the Honorary Award to Yoshida-san on Saturday, November 19, within the framework of the event in the Basque Country. Gamereactor will be there to cover all the news and developments, including the XII Titanium Awards, as official media partner.

Shuhei Yoshida to receive BIG Conference's Honour Award

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