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Shuhei Yoshida to be awarded a BAFTA Fellowship for his outstanding career

This is the highest accolade bestowed by BAFTA, and it's awarded to those who have made an "incredible impact" on the video game industry.

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The selection process of the 2023 BAFTA Awards candidates is still ongoing, but there's one winner who already has his name engraved in gold on the mask-shaped trophy. We're talking about PlayStation legend and video game industry pioneer, Shuhei Yoshida.

The Japanese Sony executive is currently in charge of the PlayStation indie video games publishing wing. For this reason, he visited Spain at the end of last year to attend BIG Conference in Bilbao, where he was also honored with the event's first ever Honor Award, same thing that happened years ago at the 2014 Barcelona Gamelab. Above all, we owe him for playing a fundamental role on the origin of PlayStation: he was one of the company's main supporters when Ken Kutaragi was working on the early phases of the project, and he had to fight hard to get Japanese game studios to adapt their games to a new platform.

Yoshida-san has continued propelling technological advances on video games, and one of his recent strongest proposals was PS VR2, which seems to have had a great initial reception.

From the Gamereactor editorial team, we are thrilled by this recognition, and all we have left to say is: Congratulations, Yoshida-san!

Shuhei Yoshida to be awarded a BAFTA Fellowship for his outstanding career
We appreciate that Shuhei Yoshida always has a moment to chat with us.

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