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Shu "probably should end up on Xbox"

We talked with two of the team at TSG 2017.

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While we were at TGS 2017 we talked with Shu's PR manager Jack Sanderson and senior programmer Shaun Mitchell about the game, that's soon to be coming to Switch, and we also managed to ask about another version too.

"So the game itself includes everything you'd get in the other ones, plus the DLC which we've released as well, which was a free update," Sanderson explained. "I think we're planning to bring online leaderboards to Switch as well."

When we asked about release dates and specifics around that, Sanderson said: "We're just trying to find a good window to launch it and then we'll have it sometime this fall."

We also asked about a potential Xbox version in the future, and Mitchell said they aren't ruling it out. "We probably will get round to an Xbox version," he said. "There's nothing planned at the minute but I guess, like you say, it probably should end up on Xbox."

Is Shu a game you can see yourself playing on the move with your Switch?


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