Shovel Knight Dig

Shovel Knight Dig puts the shovel to good use

The project sees Yacht Club Games collaborate with Nitrome in an entirely new story featuring the hero.

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Despite the name, Shovel Knight isn't a game that's all about digging, although the new collaboration between Yacht Club Games and Nitrome is about to change that, as Shovel Knight Dig takes us underground to chase after Drill Knight after he steals our loot, and this is an all-new adventure featuring fresh faces and plenty to explore.

Digging is the name of the game here, as well as platforming as we're used to. We can also expect "glorious high colour pixel graphics", fluid animation, and more in the visual department, and there's a lot of replayability as proprietary generation techniques merge together crafted levels.

As you collect more loot you can unlock permanent items and upgrades too, growing in power, and with new knights, enemies, and characters there's a lot for Shovel Knight fans to experience, especially since some familiar faces will be appearing as well.

Did you play the first game?

Shovel Knight Dig
Shovel Knight DigShovel Knight DigShovel Knight Dig

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