ShopTo.net offering next-gen finance

Online retailer's offer on PS4 and Xbox One.

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ShopTo.net are offering skint gamers the chance to pick up PS4 and Xbox One consoles at launch with finance agreements that'll spread out the cost of the purchase.

ShopTo CEO, Igor Cipolletta, revealed some details: "We are the first games specialist retailer to introduce a finance scheme. Customers will be able to purchase their preferred console, along with games and accessories, starting from only £6.99 per month, or they could finally be able to afford all the consoles they ever desired, including the forthcoming Xbox One from £14.82 and PS4 from £12.06 or both for £26.88 per month."

More details on the rates that they'll be charging can be found this way.

ShopTo.net offering next-gen financeShopTo.net offering next-gen finance

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