Shogun (2024)

Shogun confirmed for two new seasons

Where will Toranaga-sama intrigue lead us now on his path to become the next unifier of samurai Japan?

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Shogun has not only been one of the best current series, but it is also a superb adaptation of James Clavell's classic 1975 historical novel. Throughout its ten episodes, the series tells the story of John Blackthorne's journey and his arrival in Japan in the midst of a political crisis that threatens to plunge the region back into civil war. Blackthorne has no choice but to join the side of Yoshi Toranaga (Hiroyuki Sanada) and become embroiled in the intrigues of the warlords vying for the title of Shogun, the military leader and ruler of the entire country.

The production has been both respectful of the novel's material and Japanese tradition and culture, and it seems to be going down well. The Hollywood Reporter not only reports that Shogun is the most-watched series ever on FX, but that it will continue for two more seasons. It seems that plans to stick to a self-contained season are well behind us, and that Sanada is content to continue exploring this historical samurai fiction.

At the moment we only know that Seasons 2 and 3 are in the works, that it will be a brand new story, and that it will once again feature Sanada in the lead role and executive produced by Miccaella Clavell, daughter of James Clavell and known in the past for her role as an actress in Octopussy.

Are you looking forward to more Shōgun?

Shogun (2024)

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