Shiro Games launches new indie publishing label, Shiro Unlimited

The first game that the label will represent will be Dimanche Corp's Opportunity.

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Shiro Games, the developer who delivered Northgard, has announced that it has now launched a new publishing label, designed to focus on indie titles. Known as Shiro Unlimited, this announcement comes as the studio is about to reach its 10th Anniversary.

"We truly think the expertise we gained while self-publishing Evoland or Northgard could be very beneficial to other indie devs that struggle finding the right way to push their game to market, '' explains Sebastien Vidal CEO and Co-founder at Shiro. "We are game developers at heart, and we know our feedback to our partners will be based on the understanding we have of the day to day game dev challenges."

The first title that Shiro Unlimited will represent will be Opportunity, developed by Dimanche Corp, a small French studio consisting of two people that previously launched Puppy Cross. Opportunity is expected to be a narrative title, inspired by the day that Earth lost contact with the iconic Mars rover, Opportunity. The game is looking to be driven by exploration and poetry, as players guide the rover on its journey to bring proof of water on Mars back to Earth. The title currently doesn't have a release date.

We're also told that the label has "exciting plans" for the next few months, alongside the collaboration with Dimanche Corp, and that it includes a management game and a puzzle game, both yet to be announced.

Shiro Games launches new indie publishing label, Shiro Unlimited

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