Monster Hunter Rise

Shipments of Monster Hunter Rise have now surpassed 7.5 million

Sales have increased by 1 million since this May.

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Capcom has just revealed within an investor's press release that shipments of Monster Hunter Rise have surpassed 7.5 million copies. This means that the game has managed to shift a further 1 million units since sales figures were last reported this May. It also means that Rise is well on track to be the third best-selling title in the series behind only Monster Hunter World and its Iceborne expansion.

These sales figures are pretty impressive considering that Rise launched exclusively on the Nintendo Switch less than seven months ago. It seems like they will only increase too, as the game is heading to PC this January and will be available for a whole new audience of players. Additionally, it will be receiving a huge paid expansion called Sunbreak next summer that will likely catch the attention of some players who have yet to purchase.

Monster Hunter Rise

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