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Shinx is the star of Pokémon Go's Community Day event in November

A Festival of Lights event is also planned to be held November 5-14.

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Niantic has revealed that electric-type Pokémon Shinx will be the star of Pokémon Go's Community Day event in November. On November 21, the Generation 4 creature will be appearing more frequently in the wild, and if players evolve Luxio (Shinx's evolution) during the event or two hours after, then they will receive a Luxray that knows the special move Psychic Fangs.

Several other in-game events for November were also detailed by the developer. An event celebrating the launch of the Diamond and Pearl remakes is set to take place November 16-21, and it will more than likely feature creatures hailing from the pair of games. A Festival of Lights event will also be held November 5-14 and an event celebrating the Día de Muertos is scheduled to take place November 1-2.

One other exciting detail is that Mega Absol will be obtainable for the very first time in five-star raids until November 5. Following this, Mega Manectric will be catchable from November 5-16 and then this will be replaced by Mega Lopunny November 16 - December 1.

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