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Marvel's Avengers

She-Hulk has seemingly been leaked for Marvel's Avengers

It happened as part of a stream with a developer who watched on in shock.

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Leaks aren't exactly uncommon these days, but it's rather uncommon for a leak to happen in the way that it recently did for Marvel's Avengers. We're talking about a recent situation, where as part of an Xbox livestream, guest host Techniq started spurting information about She-Hulk, and ultimately revealed that he knew the individual that would voice the character in Crystal Dynamics' game. The peculiar thing is that all this happened while lead designer Brian Waggoner watched on in awe.

"You want a funny fact about She-Hulk? I don't know if I can say this. I think it was public knowledge... I'll just say this. I don't like the face Brian is making, maybe I shouldn't say it." Techniq then continued, "My acting coach is actually the voice of She-Hulk. And I won't say her name because I don't know if that was public knowledge yet. I think it is? It was announced?"

Answering the question, Waggoner stated, "Nope. Nope. We've never announced She-Hulk. We've... we don't announce things... you know," before continuing shortly afterwards, "we're working on our next hero, we haven't said who it's going to be yet. There will be a time for that, we're focused right now on celebrating the work the team did on Jane."

Considering Jane Foster was only added to Marvel's Avengers on June 28, we probably won't be seeing a new character for a little while, but considering the She-Hulk: Attorney At Law Disney+ series is on its way, all the signs do point to this having a degree of truth. As always though, take this information with a bit of caution until Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics announces anything official.

Marvel's Avengers

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