Marvel's Avengers

She-Hulk could be Marvel's Avengers next DLC character

A leak suggests that Arcane's Krizia Bajos will voice the character.

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It looks like we might have an idea about who will be one of the next characters to Marvel's Avengers. It seems like Jennifer Walters, aka She-Hulk, is on the cards to make it into the game, that is if a report by Twitter user Miller is anything to go by.

It's been mentioned that the character will be voiced by Krizia Bajos of Arcane fame, and as to whether we can trust the report, it was Miller who first revealed that Marvel's Avengers Black Panther would be voiced by God of War's Christopher Judge, so there is a track record of success here.

In terms of when She-Hulk will be arriving in-game, that has yet to be revealed, meaning if this is true, it could be the next character or simply an upcoming one. But, this all relies on the report being correct, as until Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics make any official announcement, we do have to urge a degree of caution.

Would you like to see She-Hulk make it into Marvel's Avengers?

Marvel's Avengers

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