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The Last of Us: Part I

She looks like Dina in The Last of Us: Part II, and wants to act in the upcoming HBO series

She sure does look the part.

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Nowadays graphics in video games are so good, that the characters actually look like real people. Sometimes they do look so much like real people, that it makes things happen.

HBO is doing a series about The Last of Us, and we can expect a premiere sometime in 2023. If the events of the series reach Part II of the games, maybe they already have someone to play Dina, Ellie's love interest?

Athena Nickole shared a video on TikTok, and yes: she does look like Dina. Nickole said that her mother thought that a picture of Dina was just a picture of her daughter.

And... accoding to Nickole's website, she already has some experience in acting.

So maybe we see Athena Nickole as Dina in the future, when the HBO series gets to the events of The Last of Us: Part II? Time will tell.

The Last of Us: Part I

Thanks, Games Radar

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