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Shazam 2 promises humour and action "turned up to 11"

The movie is planned to release in 2023.

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Shazam is one of the weirdest DC heroes, which says a lot actually, and before it debuted, we had some doubts that the character could end up with a great movie. But Shazam! from 2019 was not only a great superhero flick, it also became a huge success and we're getting the spinoff Black Adam (starring Dwayne Johnson) later this year and the sequel Shazam! Fury of the Gods in 2023.

But despite being a year away and not even nearly finished, the producer Peter Safran talked about it with Collider and revealed what we have to look forward to, which includes humour and action "turned up to 11" and "an edgier fashion" with the now somewhat older kids:

"I loved the first Shazam movie. I thought it was beautifully done. I thought that David Sandberg nailed that tone so incredibly well. The eye of the needle was so small to get it right, but he really did nail it. I feel like this second one has more emotion, more humour, but it also has bigger action, bigger set pieces, some great villains. I just feel like it's everything that we loved in the first movie but really turned up to 11. So I love it. I think the addition of some of these new characters with Rachel Zegler and Helen Mirren and Lucy Liu are fantastic additions. I love that the kids are all a little bit older now so we get to have a little bit more fun in kind of an edgier fashion with them. Zach inhabits that character in such a beautiful fashion. So to have been able to make a second one of those, it's a thrill."

Sound really good to us. What did you think of the first Shazam! movie and are you looking forward to the sequel? Below is a behind-the-scenes teaser from last year's DC Fandome.

Shazam 2 promises humour and action "turned up to 11"

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