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For Honor

Shadows of The Hitokiri event announced for For Honor

The time-limited themed event has already launched and runs until June 27, so grab it while it's hot.

At the Ubisoft E3 press conference we were presented with another game update for For Honor. This Japan-themed event brought along a new game mode called Soul Rush and featured new customisation options for all characters.

The new game mode tasks players with being the first team to reach 1,000 souls, which opens up the break and offers a chance to become victorious. The setting is Kaidan, a dark village said to house some creepy spirits that once roamed there.

For Honor has seen continued support over recent months, much like other Ubisoft live service games. This Shadows of the Hitokiri event is only part of the Year 3, Season 2 content currently ongoing in Ubisoft's hack 'n' slash action game.

Will you be checking out this in-game event?

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