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World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Shadowlands patch is coming tomorrow to World of Warcraft

Lots of new features are coming, as Blizzard paves the way for the expansion.

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Shadowlands was recently postponed to a yet to be determined new date in 2020, but the patch for the new expansion is still coming tomorrow, October 14, with several new features.

The highlight is the introduction of the levelling system, which begins with a big max level reduction. At the moment, the maximum level is 120, but it will be reduced to level 50 with tomorrow's patch, while also adjusting all items, enemies, and abilities. As for the Shadowlands content, it will allow players to level from 50 to 60.

Players will also have access to a considerably more robust character creator, with several new cosmetic options, and can also now choose how to evolve the character. For levels 1 to 10, players can go to a completely new area that serves as a tutorial, or go straight to the starting area of their race . After that, the game proposes that players level from 10 to 50 through the Battle for Azeroth expansion, in order to be better prepared for the Shadowlands storyline and events. Veterans, however, can choose to evolve through the expansion of their choice, as enemy and mission levels adjust automatically to the player's level.

Starting tomorrow, the Scourge Invasion event will also kick in, which includes a series of new quests, enemies, and game events, that link directly with the Shadowlands plot. Gamereactor will follow all of this over the next week, so expect a proper article from us soon enough.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

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