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Shadow Warrior 3

Shadow Warrior 3 is getting a Definitive Edition this month

It'll be coming to PC, PS5, and Xbox Series consoles.

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Flying Wild Hog has announced that Shadow Warrior 3 will be getting a Definitive Edition and that it will be coming as soon as a fortnight's time.

As stated in a press release, we're told that the game will be coming to PS5, Xbox Series and PC, and that it'll feature the main game with an array of new additions and performance enhancements, and that those who own the standard edition of Shadow Warrior 3 will be getting this upgrade as a free update.

As for what some of these new features are; we're told that there will be a New Game Plus, Survival Mode, and a Hardcore Mode. A chapter select mechanic will also be available, as will some new weapon skins to customise your experience.

Looking at the performance upgrades, on PS5 and Xbox Series consoles, the game will now be able to run at either 60fps or at 30fps with boosted 4K visuals. PS5 players will also get console-specific features such as haptics and controller speaker support.

Shadow Warrior 3 Definitive Edition will launch on February 16.

Shadow Warrior 3

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