Middle-earth: Shadow of War

Shadow of War removes loot boxes and microtransactions

As well as adding new content as well.

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Monolith came under fire last October when Middle-earth: Shadow of War launched, as the game featured a marketplace fully integrated into the campaign, including loot boxes and micro-transactions, something that was criticised by critics and players alike. Monolith promised a few months ago that it would remove that marketplace from the game, and that time has finally come.

After you download the newest patch you won't find the market, loot-boxes, or micro-transactions in the game at all, but instead you'll find a "richer campaign experience", a streamlined epilogue, new player skins, and "hundreds of other improvements".

As part of the removal of the Market, Orcs recruited through Online Vendettas and Ranked Conquests will now be stored in the Garrison, and in-game Mirian will now be used to upgrade, train, and customise your army, as well as upgrading your own gear. What's more is that the level cap has been increased to 80 for followers and enemy Captain level cap increased to 85, with players also leveling up faster with greater XP rewards for Nemesis Missions, beating Captains, and Online Conquests.

There are now more Legendary Orcs to encounter and more ways to get Training Orders too, with followers even able to surprise players with the odd gift to brighten up your day. You can turn off the Savior feature if you think they're stealing your kills though, and want to keep your distance in battle.

Are these changes for the better?

Middle-earth: Shadow of War

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