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Middle-earth: Shadow of War

Shadow of War expansion pass detailed

Two new Orc tribes drop before the end of the year, with story expansions due out next year.

While Middle-earth: Shadow of War found itself in a bit of a controversy given its reliance on loot boxes and microtransactions, and some reviewers found it a little disappointing (relative to expectations - see our review), it sure seems as if players are taking a liking to it. The expansion pass will flesh out the game with new Orc Tribes and storylines.

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First up is the Slaughter Tribe expansion that adds a new Orc Tribe to your game, including a legendary set of gear. Said to be "the most bloodthirsty in Mordor", these Orcs will ambush you more frequently than others when they drop in November. Next is the Outlaw Tribe "the most rebellious warriors", who have disdain for their masters (dark or bright). Same as the Slaughter Tribe there will be a new legendary set to collect as they arrive in December.

The story expansions start in February with, Blade of Galadriel, where you'll get to play as Eltariel, she's got a new Nazgul foe to go up against and you can collect 8 unique legendary Orcs during this story expansion to import into your main game.

Finally, in Desolation of Mordor, dropping in May, you'll play as Baranor. The most sizable addition to the game adding a new land, Lithlad, that you'll get to conquer with a human army. This final expansion also adds the option of playing the game as a human with the death-cheating abilities of a wraith, in what is described as a rogue-like mode of the game.

Monolith and Warner Bros. also issued some impressive stats after the first couple of weeks in the wild for the game that can be seen in the infographics below:

Middle-earth: Shadow of War

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