Severed Steel

Severed Steel mixes Bulletstorm, Red Faction and Stranglehold

First-person, slow-motion acrobatics, very destructible environments and a points-system? What's not to be excited about?

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First-person shooters are a a dime a dozen these days, so it's difficult for a game to set itself apart. While it doesn't sound like Severed Steel will offer many new ground-breaking mechanics, it sure blends some of the best stuff from other games.

Severed Steel is the new name of Impact, the first game from Greylock Studio. Here, we'll get to play as a very acrobatic and agile woman called Steel as she fights her way through hordes of enemies with style. What makes her skills all the more impressive is that she only has one arm, so you won't even be able to reload. You'll instead have to grab an enemy's weapon in real Superhot-fashion, so what seems to be a Bulletstorm-like score-system isn't the only thing showing the game's focus on speed and acrobatics. Obviously, that's nothing compared to the fact that enemy bullets can't hit you while you're doing stunts, which means that you can just enjoy the show in slow-motion with almost no care in the world.

Speaking of world: who doesn't like destructible environments? The trailer below shows how an arm canon we get access to after a while can be used to blow everything around you to pieces. A handy way of surprising enemies on the other side of the wall, the floor above you or whatever it might be. Basically, Severed Steel looks and sounds like a lot of simple fun, so I'm looking forward to learning more about it before it launches on PC and PlayStation 4 sometime this summer.

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