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Journey to the Savage Planet

Severe bug in Stadia game took three weeks to solve after Google fired all developers

Developer Typhoon Studio was closed down on the exact date of the game's release.

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Earlier this month, Google announced that they are cancelling all internal game development and let all the developers go. This led to the closure of Typhoon Studios, only 14 months after they acquired them. This resulted in their game Journey to the Savage Planet being left basically abandoned.

Ironically enough, the studio officially shut their doors on the same date as Journey to the Savage Planet was launched for Stadia. And as is the case with most games these days, they have bugs at the release, and Journey to the Savage Planet for Stadia was no different. And users on Reddit noted a game breaking bug.

Unfortunately, there was no one who could help them. Google's support said they should contact the 505 Games - who said they don't have the code anymore and said they should contact Google. Fortunately, this has now seemingly been sorted out as reported by Google's community manager on Reddit, but it shows how vulnerable things get when you have no developers anymore.

Google's new strategy is to solely rely on third-party, but it remains to be seen how successful this strategy is in the end.

Journey to the Savage Planet

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