Severance Season 2 gets a first teaser

Mark is back at the office.

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As we countdown to the return of one of Apple TV+'s best shows, we have been granted a very short look at Severance Season 2 ahead of that return. The clip is very short, having appeared as part of a wider trailer announcing everything coming to the streamer.

In the teaser, we see that Mark is seemingly working back at Lumon. Or, at least his Innie is. Considering how Season 1 left, we imagine there's a lot of punishment planned for Mark and the gang this season, and it seems Mark is looking to escape Lumon.

It also appears that we'll get a look at Mark's backstory a bit more, as we see him waking up on the table that Helly woke up on in Season 1. Whatever's in store, it's sure to be as mind-bending as before and we hope an official release date drops for Severance Season 2 soon.

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