Several upcoming MultiVersus characters leaked

And the leaker has data to prove it.

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If you consider it spoilers which characters are coming to MultiVersus, then you should stop reading here and check another one of our news pieces and texts instead.

Are you still here? Well, we can tell you that X-user AusilMV has been doing some data mining and found a lot of pretty exciting evidence about what's coming to the game. In fact, exciting enough for the person's account to be in the danger zone as it was reported several times yesterday and they were forced to remove images.

Be that as it may, there is evidence in the files that Daffy Duck, Samurai Jack and Aquaman are on their way, as well as apparently The Powerpuff Girls. The user has also shared images of upcoming skins and reveals the name of several stages that are in the pipeline, including The Cat Concerto - which is the name of a very classic Tom & Jerry episode.

For now, the information is unconfirmed, but AusilMV backs up the theories with image evidence as well as text from the game's files - which suggests that this is at least what the developers have been thinking about.

By the way, we reviewed MultiVersus yesterday and you can read it here.


Thanks, Insider Gaming.

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