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Welcome to Empyreum

Several Spanish studios part their ways with PlayStation Talents Games Camp

Broken Bird Games, Gatera Studio, Moonatic Studios and Tapioca games abandon the PS Talents program earlier than expected due to some problems.

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PlayStation Talents Games Camp program was meant to encourage the Spanish video games expansion within PlayStation. It has been in active for several years, providing a development environment for PS4 and PS5 for indie dev teams. However, not everybody involved in this project seems to like this formula.


Tapioca Games, who is currently developing Welcome to Empyreum (a title that was part of PS Talents), has announced its "total disengagement from the PlayStation Talents Games Camp program". It isn't the only developer who decided to take this direction, as their statement also included Broken Bird Games (Luto), Gatera Studio (Antro) and Moonatic Studios (One Last Breath).

The reason for this departure, as they explain, is due to "differences in the fulfilment of contractual obligations". They add that "despite our efforts during great part of our edition to have a friendly relationship of mutual benefit, we couldn't reach an agreement".

This won't affect the video games they are working on, as they guarantee that the four studios' projects will continue and that there will be news soon for each one of them. Sony has declined to comment on the matter upon Gamereactor's request.

If you you want to know more about some of these projects, you can take a look at our interviews below with both Gatera Studio and Moonatic Studios:


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