Several new PC apps have been added to Epic Games Store

The list includes Brave, KenShape, and Krita.

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Epic has just expanded its offering of PC apps that can be used within the Epic Games Launcher. Along with Spotify, which was added last December, users now have access to Itch.io, Brave, KenShape, Krita, and iHeartRadio (North America only).

This is quite the diverse selection of apps and it enables users to do more then they ever could before within the platform. Krita, for example, allows users to design their own digital paintings and KenShape can be used to generate 2D to 3D models.

Along with this announcement, Epic also revealed that a Fornite partnership with Spotify is now live and this enables Fortnite Crew Members to get three months of Spotify Premium for free (providing that they are new to the service).

Several new PC apps have been added to Epic Games Store

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