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Serious Sam VR

Serious Sam a "no-brainer" for VR

Gamereactor talked to producer Ante Vrdelja at E3.

We talked to Serious Sam VR's producer Ante Vrdelja at E3 about what made them choose to do this game and how it is going to work when it is released.

Vrdelja said that the team "always knew we wanted to do a VR game" and it was "a no-brainer for us to make it a Serious Sam game because Serious Sam has always been about first [person] perspective and this is taking you from first [person] perspective and placing you inside the game - now you get to be Serious Sam".

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In terms of gameplay, Vrdelja hints that fans can expect a similar high-octane type of chaos that the series has provided in the past. "It's just waves and waves of [...] hordes trying to destroy you, to destroy earth, and they are just relentless". He also added that there are lots of weapons and ammo to deal with these enemies and that the team are looking for fan suggestions of weapons so they can see if they have missed any out. The game will also feature an in-game shop and currency with which to buy these weapons, also having the choice between dual wield and single, heavier weapons.

In terms of the demo that has been revealed Vrdelja said "we went with a really familiar setting for Serious Sam fans, it's deserts and sands but for early access VR we are preparing a couple more planets and final game there will be a dense, lush, jungle planet and then the scorched earth, lava planet and industrial planet. So we have different kinds of settings and different levels per planet and different bosses at the end of each setting".

He also confirmed that there will be a story in the game but that he is not prepared to reveal why the game is called The Last Hope.

The game was demonstrated on the HTC Vive and Vrdelja said he was impressed with how well it runs and that the support from people like Oculus have allowed them to create a great experience, the technology in terms of frame-rate and motion sickness really impressing also. PSVR is also something Croteam would like to do.

The game is due for release in October according to Vrdelja and will have no microtranscations of extra costs to it.

Serious Sam VR

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