Phantom Fury

Sequel to 'boomer shooter' Ion Fury to be released in one month

It releases on the 23rd of April.

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Boomer shooters, action titles that pretend the nineties never ended, have exploded in recent years. One of the games that started the whole wave was 3D Realms' (the developers behind Duke Nukem 3D) Ion Fury from 2019. Now the sequel is almost here.

The title, succinctly named Phantom Fury, will be released in just over a month, on the 23rd of April. The brand new launch trailer (check it out below) offers carnage, action and lots of environmental variation. Large doses of inspiration seem to have been taken from the studio's own Duke Nukem, but also Quake 2 and Half Life. However, we urge you to wait for reviews before buying, as the demo released last year was not well received...

Phantom Fury

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