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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Sephiroth is coming to Smash Bros. Ultimate on December 22

There is a way, however, to unlock the character before this date.

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During a special Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct last night, director Masahiro Sakurai revealed that Sephiroth would be coming to the brawler on December 22. It was noted though, that impatient fans can unlock this villain earlier by completing a special in-game challenge.

The Sephiroth Challenge is available now and is running until December 22 when the Final Fantasy character is officially rolled out into the game. Here players will be able to unlock him if they can defeat him within a special battle. We can imagine this functions pretty similar to the standard process of unlocking playable fighters within the game. What's cool about this fight though, is that there are three difficulty settings present ranging from easy to very hard.

Remember though, if you're hoping to play as Sephiroth, you will need to purchase either Fighters Pass Vol. 2 or Challenger Pack 8: Sephiroth.

Thanks, Nintendo Life.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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