Sennheiser Momentum Sport

There's earbuds are made for those with an active lifestyle. We put them through the ringer.

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Yes, you who read my texts know that I often tend towards Sennheiser when talking about reference sound in the headphone world. I like their stuff and have always done so, although the goal here is to be objective, of course. But I can't help it as the German headphone giant is phenomenal.

Momentum Sport, as this new model is called, has been developed by Sennheiser over three years with a focus on creating the optimal earpiece for those who do a lot of sports and want to get the most out of training in combination with really good sound. To achieve this, they have combined sensors that read heart rate and body temperature with a ten millimetre TrueResponse driver for optimal sound reproduction. Absolutely perfect for yours truly as I like to exercise both indoors and outdoors, preferably with cheerful music in my headphones.

Sennheiser Momentum Sport
The headphones have full integration with Polar's universe and their app and gear, as well as support for the leading fitness apps.

One of the most important features of an in-ear headphone you should use when exercising is that they do not fall out of your ears when you move and train. It's the most annoying thing I know when you feel like they're about to fall out when you're on the last reps on the bench press and you have to stop so they don't end up on a dirty gym floor. Luckily, that's not a problem with these headphones as they have a little fin that you lock inside your ear and there's no way they'll fall out no matter how much you move. The fit is great for my ears right out of the box but it also comes with different sizes of the fin so you can easily swap out to find your optimal size. The body itself is made of a more grip-friendly roughened silicone to sit in place better but also to withstand weather, wind and sweat when you exercise and therefore has an IP55 rating. The headphones we received for testing are green and have a stylish design with only the Sennheiser S logo on the body. They are also available in black and metallic grey. The battery life is six hours per charge and you can charge them three more times with the included charging case for a total of 24 hours of playtime. The headphones can also be fast-charged and ten minutes of charging gives an extra hour of listening.

Sennheiser Momentum Sport
They have a really successful design and the fin that you lock onto your ear makes it impossible to lose these during your workout.
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Another key feature is noise cancellation and on the Momentum Sport it's brilliant. I was recently abroad and sitting on an aeroplane for four hours with the noise reduction on is absolutely wonderful because the ANC system removes the annoying frequencies very well. The headphones also have two other modes of noise cancellation in wind and transparent where I like the one Sennheiser calls wind best. The reason for this is that I usually go cross-country skiing or running, and here the headphones remove the wind noise but let through other sounds and mean that I do not have to jump if someone moves around me. The body also has sensors for heart rate and body temperature, which is perfect for those who want to get more out of their training and something I really appreciate. It is possible to sync the headphones with most established training apps and allows you to keep track of especially your pulse during a run.

Sennheiser Momentum Sport
The chassis has an IP55 rating, which means that they can be sprayed with a water hose and can therefore withstand a sweaty workout without any problems.

The most important thing on a headphone is of course the sound and here Momentum Sport is brilliant. I have a fondness for Sennheiser's smooth sound profile and these certainly do not disappoint. Their ten millimetre TrueResponse driver delivers a wonderfully balanced sound across the entire range and sounds much bigger than the size of the body suggests. The bass is wonderfully tight and all the way up to the treble the sound is controlled. What I like more though is that they have an open construction, which means that there is a larger and more airy sound with more depth between the instruments. In addition, the design means that the earbuds themselves breathe and let air through, which makes them even more comfortable to wear in the ears, especially when you sweat a lot. You can easily control the volume using the touch control on the shells and I like the touch function because it can be set using the Smart Control app. There you can customise exactly what you want to happen at different button presses and also adjust the sound using the EQ.

The Sennheiser Momentum Sport is a great in-ear headphone and perfect for those who live an active life with lots of exercise. They sound absolutely superb and the heart rate sensors are a great tool to streamline your training with full integration of the Polar Flow app, which offers the possibility of analysis and coaching to reach your training goals. The noise reduction is great and the programmable touch buttons are a smart feature. The only thing I miss is version 5.4 of Bluetooth as these only have 5.2, which is a shame on an otherwise really, really good sports device.

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