Sennheiser Accentum TW

Sennheiser's latest in-ear headphone, the Accentum TW, is trying to break into the £170 bracket where the competition is killer. Petter has put it to the test.

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With the slightly cheaper Accentum product line (about 35% cheaper than Momentum), Sennheiser has broadened its range in recent years, and while I was never particularly fond of the over-ear models, it's easier now to write kind things about the upcoming Accentum True Wireless in-ear headphones. Flattery goes a long way, as my grandfather used to say, and in this case I thought I'd start with all the kind things I have to share.

Sennheiser Accentum TW
They are oddly shaped and therefore don't fit my ears very well, but of course that's super subjective.

Accentum True Wireless sounds great, for starters. They share character with the Momentum True Wireless 4, sounding a little thinner due to smaller and cheaper drivers but have a clear, crisp and quite warm sound without being Bose. The separation is very good and there is plenty of dynamics here. More than what I would call 'usual' in this price range (approximately £170). Sennheiser has chosen to trim these headphones according to the now super popular 'voice forward' principle where the vocals and voices are separated more than I can think feels reasonable but it is easy to EQ away in Sennheiser's absolutely fantastic app. Here you can control almost everything in detail and I of course activated 'Bass Boost' directly and moved the song and its excessive 'clarity' directly, which suits my ears better.

Sennheiser Accentum TW
The sound is good and the clarity of separation is brilliant.

Another aspect here that is brilliant, is the active noise cancellation. The ANC in the Accemtum TW is up there with the very best in this particular price range and it's really no trouble at all to mute everything going on around you, especially at the gym. The battery life is good too. Very good indeed. Eight hours per charge and the microscopic case they come in houses a whopping 28 hours of extra battery life, which is class leading. The IP54 rating means they can withstand sweat, dust and more and thanks to Bluetooth 5.3, and these can handle lossless audio and Auracast.

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Sennheiser Accentum TWSennheiser Accentum TW
It lacks a little bass but at the same time it is easy to adjust in Sennheiser's very good free app.

From a design point of view, it would of course be strange not to comment on the fact that these headphones look strange. I don't really understand why Sennheiser chose a shape that is not reminiscent of either Momentum or Momentum Sport and the changes made here I consider to be for the worse because they simply fit worse in your ears. I have tested all the silicon earplugs in all sizes and I think that the oblong form factor and the thickness of the Accentum TW creates some problems. Here, Sennheiser should look more at JBL in particular, which is the best in class when it comes to clean fit, if you ask me.

Accentum TW sounds good. Considering that they cost significantly less than their big brother Momentum 4, this is impressive. However, they do not sound as good as either Technics AZ60 Gen2 or JBL Live Pro 2 TWS, both of which can be bought at a lower price than Sennheiser's new model, right now.

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Sennheiser Accentum TW

Sennheiser Accentum TW

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Sennheiser's latest in-ear headphone, the Accentum TW, is trying to break into the £170 bracket where the competition is killer. Petter has put it to the test.

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