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League of Legends

Send0o and loulex starting for G2 Esports in summer LCS

Trick and Expect are taking a break after the MSI.

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This past weekend SK Telecom T1 took home the trophy at League of Legends' Mid-Season Invitational, and fellow finalist G2 Esports has announced that they are fielding two substitutes in the first week of the summer EU LCS, so as to give Ki "Expect" Dae-han and Kim "Trick" Gang-yun a break.

"This year we took the preparation for the international tournament very seriously and players invested their maximum," the organisation explained. "At G2 Esports our players' well-being is our number one priority. Therefore, our starting top laner Expect and jungler Trick were granted the opportunity to go home to Korea after MSI. We believe that the chance to go home, spend time with their families and recharge is essential for our players' ability to perform on the highest level throughout the year."

"I am very happy to be home in Korea with my family. Thank you all for cheering for me and my team at MSI, I will be back in EU very soon with full energy for the Summer Split," said Trick

The absence of these two players means that substitutes Rosendo 'Send0o' Fuentes and Jean-Victor 'loulex' Burgevin will serve as temporary replacements "until Expect and Trick are back in Berlin." Do you think these substitutes can do as well as Trick and Expect though?

League of Legends
Photo: G2 Esports

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