Semper Fortis Esports adds Harry Maguire as a brand ambassador

The Manchester United star is joining the UK-based esports organisation.

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It's not uncommon to see athletes becoming more and more involved in esports these days, and to follow that trend, Manchester United star Harry Maguire has joined UK-based esports organisation Semper Fortis Esports as a brand ambassador.

The appointment of Maguire to the team is expected to see the footballer promote the organisation via social and digital platforms, and as Insider Sport reports, Maguire will be paid through warrants that will allow him to buy shares in the organisation after a 12-month period.

"When I was approached by Semper Fortis to become one of its ambassadors I was really intrigued about what they are looking to achieve in gaming and esports," said Maguire to Insider Sports. "As an athlete, I understand the pressures of a competitive environment and I am excited to share my experience of competing in the world's biggest leagues with Semper Fortis. We already have lots of exciting projects in the pipeline for this year, so watch this space."

Semper Fortis Esports adds Harry Maguire as a brand ambassador

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