Sega: "We're really happy with the results" of Xbox Game Pass

The service helped push Two Point Hospital to over 3 million players worldwide.

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Xbox Game Pass has changed how millions of players enjoy their games, as they can now download and play numerous indies and bigger titles for a monthly fee, without the risk of having to buy something rotten like or being hesitant towards a genre they don't normally favor.

Some people have wondered how this affects game sales, as people might not want to buy games as they did before when they can just download them. Now Sega Europe's senior vice president of commercial publishing, Anna Downing, has touched upon this topic in a recent talk with Eurogamer as Sega has been a big supporter of the service with plenty of games like the Yakuza series and Two Point Hospital. She says:

"We're really happy with the results and we hope [Microsoft] are too. Ultimately, they wanted quality titles, we wanted to take advantage of a great new opportunity."

Downing also mentioned what this has meant for a game like Two Point Hospital:

"[It] helped propel the franchise to over 3 million players worldwide. That's a huge benefit of being on Game Pass, it strengthens the exposure you get to a huge first-party audience... That surge in engagement in turn helps to further establish your product in the marketplace. It's great for us and it's great for consumers who get to experience something they may not have engaged with outside of the Game Pass model."

Eurogamer has talked to a lot of different developers and publishers for the article linked above, and they add that Downing's opinions isn't unique in any way as "the response from developers and publishers when asked about Game Pass, even those speaking anonymously, has been almost unanimously positive."

Has Xbox Game Pass changed how you consumes your games in any way?

Sega: "We're really happy with the results" of Xbox Game Pass

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