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Sega trademarks new Super Monkey Ball title

A trademark has been spotted online that points to a new game in the series, which we haven't heard from since back in 2014.

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The first Super Monkey Ball game was released for arcades back in 2001 and later the same year as a GameCube exclusive, becoming a huge success. This led to Sega releasing 17 games in the series in 13 years, but since 2014, things have gone quiet, although that could be about to change.

As Gematsu reports, Sega has now trademarked Tabegoro! Super Monkey Ball in Japan. Tabegoro basically means "ripe" in Japanese, and is likely connected to bananas, which is a staple of the series. Since the game hasn't been announced though, this is all pure speculation.

A reasonable guess would be that this is a game for smartphones and/or Nintendo Switch, but what do you think Tabegoro! Super Monkey Ball is?

Sega trademarks new Super Monkey Ball title

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