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Sega Mega Drive Mini to be delayed in some regions

The latest mini console is set to launch in Europe and the Middle East two weeks later due to unforeseen circumstances.

Sega has recently put out a tweet stating that some regions will unfortunately have to wait a little bit longer for their Mega Drive Mini units. The delay - which is quoted to be a "logistical challenge" - will see Europe and the Middle East waiting an extra two weeks for their respective mini home consoles.

"Unfortunately due to unavoidable logistical challenges the European and Middle Eastern release of the Mega Drive Mini will be delayed by two weeks, to October 4th 2019. We appreciate your patience," Sega writes.

Whilst this rescheduling is not ideal, the community seems to be accepting of the change, replying to the tweet with responses ranging from "take all the time you need" to "happy to wait".

The Sega Mega Drive Mini is the latest in the line of mini consoles being released worldwide, with others including the PlayStation Classic and miniature versions of the NES and SNES. The Mega Drive Mini (or Genesis Mini for international fans) will contain 40 pre-loaded titles, ranging from iconic Sonic the Hedgehog games all the way to Streets of Rage 2, and for a deeper look into the upcoming console, be sure to check out our interview with localisation producer Damian Mougakos here.

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Sega Mega Drive Mini to be delayed in some regions

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