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Alien: Isolation

Sega is teasing Alien: Isolation VR

European boss Jurgen Post hints at the game in an interview.

Back when Oculus Rift was being shown off, Alien: Isolation was amongst the available demos and scared the living hell out of expo attendees for months. Then the demo was pulled, and no word of a full VR version of the game was mentioned by parent company Sega.

Now it looks like a change of heart is inbound, as the company recently took part in an interview where European boss Jurgen Post said the following regarding a possible VR version:

"VR has caught the whole company's attention. We have a lot of VR kits in the office and people are playing with it. We are exploring ways to release games. We've not announced anything, but we are very close to making an announcement."

"We did Alien: Isolation about three years ago on Oculus Rift, it was a demo that was bloody scary. To bring that back to VR would be a dream and dreams can come true... VR will take time, but we will start releasing some titles just to learn. It is a platform for the future."

Would you guys be up for experiencing the terror of Alien: Isolation in VR?

Alien: Isolation

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