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Sonic Frontiers

Sega is raising employee salaries

Sega employees will enjoy a 15% salary increase on average.

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Recently, a lot of gaming news regarding employees has been rather bleak. We've seen massive layoffs at Microsoft, for example. But, there has also been some good news sprinkled in for gaming company employees, depending on where they work.

Nintendo recently announced a salary increase for its employees, and Sega is doing the same. Annual salaries are set to increase by about 15%. Bonuses will be partially incorporated into salaries, and Sega is also revising its compensation system "in order to further stabilize employee income and create a more comfortable working environment, as well as to further strengthen its global competitiveness".

The move comes after Sega announced that Sonic Frontiers had greatly exceeded the company's sales expectations, which may have come as a surprise to fans, too, considering the amount of flak the game was getting before release.

The salary changes are outlined here.

Sonic Frontiers

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