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Alien: Isolation

Sega disappointed in Alien: Isolation sales

2.1 million copies sold of the critically acclaimed horror game isn't enough.

Sega has revealed its full-year software units sales, and some of its releases have fallen short of sales expectations. Most noticeably is the critical hit Alien: Isolation, which has solid 2.1 million copies to date, but failed to meet Sega expectations. Less surprising perhaps is the fact that Sonic Boom didn't perform well, as the game sold just 620,000, which is the worst performance ever for a Sonic title.

Despite this, annual unit sales is up 42%, and Sega was also pleased to announce, that the Persona series now has sold over 6 million units.

This amounts to 12.3 million units total sold for the company, which is 1 million more than expectations.

Alien: Isolation

Thanks, MCV.

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