Two Point Hospital

Sega acquires Two Point Studios

After Two Point Hospital released last year, the studio is now moving into the Sega family to work on several unannounced projects.

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Sega Europe has revealed that they've acquired Two Point Studios, the developer that brought us Two Point Hospital and that has been working with SEGA Europe in a publishing capacity since January 2017 as part of the Searchlight program.

This is the first acquisition of its kind for the Searchlight team, and follows the release of Two Point Hospital last year. Now Two Point Studios is a Sega studio alongside the likes of Relic Entertainment and Creative Assembly, continuing to work on several unannounced projects, news of which is promised in the coming months.

"We're delighted to welcome Two Point Studios officially into the Sega family. As a relatively new, British-based developer with a global hit already under their belts, we knew we had to move quickly on this deal because they are an extremely attractive investment proposition with a great deal of talent," said Gary Dale, President and COO of Sega Europe Ltd. "The Searchlight team at Sega Europe have done a fantastic job integrating the studio over the past two years and the studio have gone on to produce a fantastic title with clear franchise potential."

"It's a landmark step for Two Point Studios and we're thrilled to be joining the Sega family. We're looking forward to executing the next phase of our plans as we continue to evolve Two Point County" said Mark Webley, Co-Founder of Two Point Studios. "It's a hugely exciting time to be a part of Two Point and we are here today thanks to the hard work, passion and dedication of our small, but amazingly talented team here in Farnham and the incredible fans that have supported us throughout and guided our continued development of Two Point Hospital."

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Two Point Hospital

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