This War of Mine

See This War of Mine's tiny on-screen text in new gameplay

We captured the first 15 minutes of The Little Ones.

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After having played the game on both PC and tablet, in the following gameplay clip you can see us try out the harsh, thought-provoking, resource-management game that is This War of Mine: The Little Ones.

The game by 11 bit Studios launches between January 26 (America) and Friday 29 (Europe) on both Xbox One and PS4. The console version of the 2014 indie darling introduces a new storyline focused on children, hence the title.

We're trying to review the new version, but so far we're having a hard time with the tiny font size (and sometimes the handwritten typeface they've selected) used for on-screen text, especially considering that the descriptions are so important in a game like this.

This is a QA problem we've seen before from PC/tablet games when ported to the big screen, and even on triple-A games such as The Witcher 3, so hopefully the developers can find a way to patch it and make it easier to read. Check out the first 15 minutes on Xbox One below:


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