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Fallout 4

See this retro shooter mod inside Fallout 4

It even has a retro trailer too.

Have you ever been playing Fallout 4 and thought to yourself, 'this could do with a nineties-style shooter'. Well, it seems as if this has arrived in the form of a mod called Revolted, which puts a retro mini-game inside Fallout 4 for your amusement.

"Revolted is a video game you can play on the terminal in Concord Speakeasy," the page on Nexus Mods says. "In the game you play as the Overseer of Vault 102 and must take back control of the Vault from the evil Professor."

"Revolted (the future of gaming) has many features which include Three dimensional Graphics, Mono sound, poly processing and Next level artificial intelligence. Revolted is the next level of challenge, bad guys are really mean, bullets give you damage, toxic waste is toxic, and the language at times borders on inappropriate."

It's pretty classic through and through, as you need Nuka Colas for health, and floppy disks to open doors. Oh, and a word of advice from the creator: "Upon completion of Revolted you may find your character got hot from the intense gameplay session and undressed. I recommend you redress them before stepping back into the wastes."

You can watch a trailer for the mod here. Is this the kind of thing that you've been looking for?

Fallout 4