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Elden Ring

See How Well You Know Elden Ring's Map in this Geoguessr Style Game

Are you an aficionado of the Lands Between, or just a lowly Tarnished?

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A Reddit user by the name of u/TheEdenChild has created a Geoguessr style game based on Elden Ring, where you are popped into any one of 8000 locations on the map, and have to figure out where you are.

If you're feeling a bit of fatigue after fighting Malenia for the hundredth time but still want to explore the world of Elden Ring, this seems a perfect way to pass the time and test your knowledge of the world.


It's still in progress, as u/TheEdenChild points out, so you could run into a few issues while playing, but hopefully these will be ironed out over time.

Are you still playing Elden Ring? Would you give this Geoguessr style game a go? Let us know.

Elden Ring

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