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See how Minecraft looks with path tracing

This is very similar to ray tracing and produces impressive results, as Twitter user notglacier showed in his videos.

Ray tracing is something we've heard a lot about recently, as Battlefield 5 made use of it, and back at the Game Developer Conference (GDC) last month Unity and Nvidia both had plenty of ray tracing news to bring us. But how would this system look when applied to Minecraft?

Well, we've got an idea with something called path tracing. Twitter user notglacier shared the results of Minecraft shaders provided by Sonic Ether Unbelievable Shaders, and you can see the impressive global illumination effects in the tweets, applying an incredible level of polish and detail to the game.

In terms of performance with this applied, notglacier says he got "25-40 fps on the highest settings at far render distance on an i9-9900k / GTX 1070 TI PC".

Do you like the look of Minecraft with path tracing?

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Thanks, PCGamesN.

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