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Second team at Respawn working on non-Titanfall game

Plus next Titanfall game may launch on Steam in the future.

Respawn CEO Vince Zampella recently lifted the lid on a few Titanfall related tidbits, as well as confirming a second team at the studio and hinting that the next game in the Titanfall series might launch on Steam alongside EA's PC platform, Origin.

For starters Zampella confirmed that his studio's debut game is "closing in on 8 million" unique users. Respawn's co-founder also points to the launch taking place on "a limited platform" and says that they're "pretty happy" all things considered.

When asked by GameInformer about a potential Steam release for the current Titanfall, this is what Zampella had to say: "At some point you look at it and you say is it even worth now this much later the effort to put it on Steam, when it would be a lot of work and kind of bifurcate the community?"

"We would have loved for it to be on Steam from day one, but at some point it just doesn't make sense anymore and you start looking to the future and I think we should not make that same decision again."

Respawn also seems to be expanding, and Zampella confirmed that there is now a second team at the studio, and they're not working on anything Titanfall related ("There is a second team. Non-Titanfall related.").

He then re-confirmed that this year's game was the only Titanfall that was tied to Microsoft via exclusivity, and that "future projects will not necessarily be exclusive," giving renewed hope for PlayStation fans who'd like to play the next instalment in the sci-fi shooter series.

Zampella also warned that we shouldn't expect any major announcements from the studio next year, at E3 or elsewhere, saying it would be "a little quiet" in 2015.


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