Life is Strange

Second episode of Life is Strange has leaked

Work-in-progress version leaks way ahead of intended launch.

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It turns out the second episode of Life is Strange has leaked onto the internet way ahead of the planned launch next month. This was reported by APG Nation that says it happened on the 4chan boards. Apparently, the game is somewhat buggy and the developers took to the Steam forums to ask people not to go for this illegal game but wait until the polished version has been released:

"We've seen the leak of later episodes of Life is Strange and it deeply saddens us that something we've invested so much time and passion into is available unfinished and not as we intended you to experience it. Please support us by ignoring the temptation to download work in progress code, we promise you there are still plenty of things we're improving and polishing and episode 2 will be ready for release in mid-march."

Life is Strange

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