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Season 9 to be the final season of The Flash

The adventures of Barry Allen are coming to an end.

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While the Arrowverse has seen its fair share of cancellations over the past year, with Legends of Tomorrow getting axed, alongside Batwoman, another CW/DC show, the one series that has survived the test of time has been The Flash. But, as this show has been ongoing for almost a decade, and is entering into its ninth season, it has been announced that this upcoming season will be its last.

That's right, as Variety reports, Grant Gustin's time as the famous speedster is coming to an end, as Season 9 will conclude the long-running series. Set to debut in 2023, this season will be 13 episodes long, and as for when production for the show is set to start, that is planned to be in September this year.

Are you a fan of The Flash and are you sad to see it ending?

Season 9 to be the final season of The Flash

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