Season 14 of competitive Overwatch ending this Friday

To all agents of Overwatch, you have approximately three days to grind the ladder before it resets this Friday and Season 15 starts.

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Another season of Overwatch's competitive play will come to a close this Friday, March 1 at 00:00 GMT, or for our American friends, 19:00 EST/ 16:00 PST. Revealed in an announcement on the Blizzard forums, the post details that - as with all seasons of Overwatch - players who have completed their placements will receive a spray and competitive points (CP) depending on where their season-high rank lay.

This season the relevant CP awards for each rank are as follows;

  • Bronze - 65CP

  • Silver - 125CP

  • Gold - 250CP

  • Platinum - 500CP

  • Diamond - 750CP

  • Master - 1200CP

  • Grandmaster - 1750CP

The top 500 players for each respective platform and region will also receive a commemorative moving spray, player icon, and will be forever immortalised in the Overwatch leaderboards.

Perhaps the biggest change revealed during this announcement however is that there will not be any offseason between Seasons 14 and 15. This means that the very second Season 14 wraps up, players can jump straight into their placements for the next season without having to suffer through a few days of quick play in between.

This information regarding the closing of this season of competitive play comes shortly after the announcement yesterday that Blizzard will be bringing a new support hero to the popular hero-based shooter. For more information regarding this, you can catch up with the story here.

Will you be diving straight into a new season of competitive play this weekend?

Photo: Blizzard

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