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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Seangares leaves TSM after disagreement with Reginald

The issue arose regarding the open letter criticising the PEA.

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Earlier today we reported that 25 pro CS:GO players had signed a letter criticising their teams and their involvement in the PEA, and it seems the fallout from the letter has already begun, as Sean "seangares" Gares has allegedly parted ways with TSM due to his involvement with the letter.

Messages between seangares and TSM CEO Andy "Reginald" Dinh reveal the reasons behind seangares' departure, and apparently Reginald didn't feel comfortable that seangares hadn't contacted him in private about it, and the subsequent letter was a threat to the team's image.

In the lengthy exchange, which is detailed for all to see and even shared in part by seangares himself, there is a back and forth between the two sides, one accusing the other of hurting the brand and the other defending themselves and saying it wasn't a personal attack.

This all comes to a head when, in a text exchange, seangares writes: "At this point I don't feel safe or comfortable on your org. I agree that it might be best for us to part ways," to which Reginald responds: "I'll have my lawyer draft a termination agreement. Not looking for any trade or buyout."

Comments on social media seem to be split down the middle as to who is in the right here. Some say that seangares was stirring up trouble and damaging team branding without trying to solve issues internally first, however, some feel that seangares is being wrongfully punished for standing up for the rights of players. What's your view?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Photo: Sean "seangares" Gares

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